Sunday, March 8, 2009

Do you believe in Magic ?

Often when I see an infomercial on TV I will say to my husband "oh this looks really good". And without missing a beat he will reply "Nic, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is".

Well last week I headed out to Costco for the basics and I was given strict instructions not to spend frivolously on non-essential items. How does one define a 'non-essential item' ? This was the question I asked myself as I stood in front of the 'Magic Bullet'.
It certainly seemed like an essential item.
"With the Magic Bullet, entertaining has never been easier, or more fun! That's because it's the Ultimate Party Machine!"
OK sounds essential to me ! Sorry, I'm side tracking..........back to nutrition, stay with me, I'm getting there.....

When Kate, my friend, was diagnosed with cancer, she borrowed our friends MB to make daily cancer-fighting smoothies. At this time I suggested trying Dr. Oz's green drink and we talked about her daily smoothies from a nutrition standpoint. But I couldn't help notice her enthusiasm for the MB. She made it sound too good to be true! The idea of making daily smoothies for everyone in the house was appealing and lets not forget those summer cocktails. So right there, in the home goods section of Costco, I grabbed the MB and grinned to myself ( essential !).

We have been drinking smoothies everyday. My children pick out their fruit combination and yogurt flavor, throw it in the cup, mix and drink. My husband, the skeptic, uses it more than once a day, and is still waiting to find something wrong with it....but its been one week and I haven't heard one complaint yet !

I've made pesto, used garlic daily in pasta/vegetable dishes, made asparagus soup (yes!) and even a fresh salsa. I LOVE IT! I've even been heard saying "I'm getting this as a present for my friends 40th Birthday" and "this is my next baby shower gift"!

Now it may break it a month, and my next post may very well be "it was too good to be true". But in the meantime, I plan to use it and enjoy it ! From garlic to cocktails and back.


  1. It seems that your frequent use of this gadget would make the $99 price tag seem nominal. However, it would also seem that to spend that amount for a 40th birthday gift, even to the nicest of friends, may be considered excessive and perhaps even non-essential according to your husband.

  2. Having said all of that. I just watched the infomercial and it looks really cool! Like the personal mugs for frozen drinks. oooohhh wait, am i still on a nutritional blog or facebook? =)


  3. Hold on! Did you say $99 ! I got it at Costco for around $50.

  4. Nic, I'm convinced! I wanna get one too! I'll check it out at CostCo.