Thursday, December 31, 2009

Five Simple Strategies

Happy New Year! I'm getting ready to make steps towards losing the pounds I gained over the holidays. I really wonder why I give myself permission to eat everything I want between Thanksgiving and New Years. That's 2 months of uncensored eating and its not kind to ones body. Its my poor attempt at handling the stress of the holidays (Note to self: Next year come up with another means of handling holiday stress)

Don't beat yourself up if you've gained weight, just think of 5 things you can incorporate into your lifestyle to lose the excess weight. I call it a 'handful of hope'!

My five strategies:

1. Cut out all refined grains
2. Take my sneakers to work and walk at lunchtime (weather permitting)
3. No more midweek wine at home (still available to go out)
4. Cut out red meat
5. Get moving - back to karate and exercising

I can tell you the first 4 will be relatively easy and I suspect those modifications alone will shed some body fat but, its number 5 that is going to pose some difficulty. So in reality I only have one simple strategy that I will find truly challenging.

Come up with 3-4 easy lifestyle modifications and one challenging one. Why will this be so challenging ??


Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Cheer!

Ho, ho, ho! Yep, its that time of year. Crazy busy and little time to think about 'healthy' foods. Dunkin Donuts is making out with your debit card and you've been eating roasted nuts and humming carol songs for two weeks. Oh sorry, I'm talking about myself !

I did think of posting on how one needs to watch out for 'hidden fats,' or how one needs to exercise more, and I even thought of posting about the adverse health effects of drinking too much alcohol ! What stopped me ? Well, I've been thinking, we all know what's bad for us and whats good for us - don't we? Just do your best to make healthier choices and fit in a walk or two over the holidays.

Do I have any followers out there ?? Well if I do, the tone of this blog is "to heck with the advice - enjoy the holidays!" And lets start anew in the New Year!