Friday, March 20, 2009

Deep Fried Snickers Bar

OK. Despite many, many, many (note the many) years of studying 'nutrition', tonight I enjoyed eating a deep fried snickers bar (smothered in whipped cream, melted chocolate and ice-cream). Guilty. But here's the kicker....I didn't feel one bit guilty. I can only guess the number of calories and the % saturated fat, but I'm not going to...not tonight. So if I ever sound like I'm preaching, you can remind me of the "Deep fried snickers bar"....bad I tell you, bad, but oh so good ! Good company and bad food....well sometimes thats just what one needs !!


  1. Mmmm...can you say "heart attack on a plate"? Sounds fabulous.

  2. The best is the time that you posted this blog and the fact that you were able to find a picture of aforementioned item at such a time, impressive.

    "Uh Mam, have you been drinking? Uhm mam, can you please step away from the computer, mam?"

  3. Nic:
    What establishment serves up this nutritional disaster?

  4. Code Red,

    "If I tell you I will have to kill you!"

    OK I am feeling a little guilty this morning and wondering if I will be able to burn off the 800 + calories (and thats NOT counting the alcohol!)

    Good call "Anonymous" - I should have stayed away from the computer. Honesty is sooooo overrated !