Saturday, March 7, 2009

How to make sure your man lives longer !

In 5,820 Japanese American men, who were studied from middle-age for up to 40 years, the following 9 key factors to surviving a healthy 85+ years were identified as follows:
  1. High grip strength
  2. Avoidance of overweight
  3. Avoidance of high blood glucose levels
  4. Avoidance of hypertension
  5. Non-smoking
  6. No excessive alcohol consumption
  7. High education level
  8. Avoidance of high triglyceride levels
  9. Having a marital partner (side note: If you ask me, their wives must have taken very good care of them!)
Some tongue in cheek humor, please be advised, this may offend some readers. I guess if you don't want your husbands to live longer, let them drink, smoke, become couch potatoes, eat high fat meals, and definitely don't let them go back to college to get their masters (or any other form of education!)

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