Sunday, October 25, 2009

Picky Eaters.....

  • Does your child only eat white foods (bagels, breads, rice, pasta)?
  • Do you joke that your child is on the Atkins diet (eats only meat)?
  • Does your child freak out if one food touches another food on his/her plate?
  • Does your child refuse to eat soft food ?
  • Does your child examine food before eating it? If a fruit has a brown spot, it has to be removed. If a bagel is too toasted, it's not right. If a chicken nugget isn't crunchy enough its left to the side of the plate?
Sound familiar?

The vast majority of children exhibit some 'freakish' food habits that make you question your parenting abilities. But what do you do if you're really concerned about your childs eating behavior(s)? For instance, your child is anxious at birthday parties because they don't like pizza and so they don't really enjoy themselves. Or your child refuse to go to a friends house because they worry about whether they will like the food that is being served. Or your child dreads family gatherings because everyone comments on what they don't eat! What do you do? I don't know.

I am a parent of two children, my son eats lots of different foods but dislikes vegetables, while my daughter eats lots of fruits and vegetables, but refuses to eat soft food or foods that have more than one ingredient! I'm fed up cooking different dinners for the family or serving different foods.

I'm researching the topic on 'picky eaters'. Do you worry about your child's eating habits and rituals ? Share your story.


  1. My daughter is 5 now, and slowly seems to be getting more adventurous--she asked to try asparagus the other night! I read research when she was very small that small children need to be offered new foods 5-12 times before they consider it familiar, so I instituted the "one-bite" rule: she has to eat at least one bite of whatever we're having for dinner. If she doesn't like it, she can stop there, but I figure it at least helps familiarize her with the taste and texture. And it seems to have worked, as, for example, I have watched her go from protesting broccoli and carrots to asking for them!

  2. ohhhh I am so going to introduce the 'one bite' rule in this house! I like it A LOT! The key to accpetence is exposure, exposure, exposure....and lots of patience. Sounds like you stuck to your guns and its paying off!

    Thanks for the post Roving Lemon