Saturday, April 4, 2009

Random Facts

  1. Check out this link about trans fat. Some labels stating 'zero' trans fat may actually contain trans fat!
  2. Panera Bread’s Sierra Turkey sandwich contains 970 calories and 54 g of fat. Oh I am so in favor of restaurants being made post the nutrition information – who would have guessed a Turkey sandwich could be this bad?
  3. A USDA study found that only 6% of teenagers eat the recommended servings of vegetables a day and only 24% eat enough fruit (i.e the five-a-day recommendation).
  4. British food scientists found that bathing raw, sliced potatoes in water for 2 hours reduced acrylamide by 48%. A 30-minute soak dropped levels by 38%.

  5. Which contains more vitamins, a vitamin-enhanced water or a standard multi-vitamin pill? The pill.....but this is probably obvious to most readers. (BTW, I am not an advocate for vitamin-enhanced water - a topic for another day)
  6. Natural remedies: Some believe that ginger-root warms painful joints by increasing blood flow and this will decrease joint pain from arthritis.
  7. Baby carrots supply about 23% less beta-carotene per ounce than regular sized carrots.

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